Javascript Frontend Developer

Javascript Frontend Developer

We believe that we can make the online world a better place if we make use of all the data that is currently just lying around.

Join us to do that by building the user interface for Booster – AI based personalization tool, which is already improving biggest ecommerce sites in Czech Republic and expanding to whole Europe. Our clients love it, because it generates them more revenue and we love it because it brings better and more meaningful internet space for everyone.

In the role of Javascript Developer, you will be responsible for integration of Booster into the customers websites. Booster changes content of any site using javascript based on our machine learning models without users noticing. We can transform whole page to different level just like that and if you want more of a challenge, you can take part in automating this process as well. The team is small, composed of skilled, self-motivated and high-performing people, who share their know-how and best practices with each other. You will be a very welcomed new team member.

In Databreakers you‘ll be using latest technologies and become a part of the team that is directly influencing tools and methods we use on daily basis. We are looking forward to hear your ideas and improvements, because we want to use the best technologies whatever we’re working on.



  • Javascript
  • APIs and Micro-Service Architecture
  • REST
  • Git, Docker


  • How to write efficient code – lot of the time execution speed is important
  • How to write code which handles all inputs and errors properly
  • Agile development


  • Writing a clean code is a must
  • You are responsible and communicative - things do not always go as planned, but we can always solve problems by proactive communication
  • We need you to be a good team player, but you should also be able to solve problems independently and be productive when working by yourself
  • You deliver results, provide constructive criticism and suggest improvements
  • You challenge things and come up with solutions
  • You believe that everything is possible


  • Infrastructure
  • Everything runs in our private DCOS cloud.
  • Deploy/manage services with 2 clicks or one API call.
  • Databases
  • We use one of the fastest distributed SQL databases (the production cluster has over 3TB RAM and 200 computing cores).
  • NoSQL databases like Elasticsearch or influxDB.
  • Services
  • Distributed microservices architecture for scalability and sustainability.
  • Real-time services that perform 100 times more complex computations than other IT systems 10 times faster.
  • Services processing billions of interactions.
  • Programming languages ​​- Java
  • Machine learning stack
  • Internal services that manage thousands of predictive models and select the best ones.
  • General AI optimization of structure and parameters of all other systems for their automatic maintenance and improvement.
  • General design of algorithms and methods enabling us to create new data driven products in a few months.
  • Frontend and visualization
  • Javascript, React
  • Visualization of a large amount of information for our customers and our internal needs.


  • Free startup environment in the best sense, no strict corporate rules – work as you like, if you deliver results
  • Close daily cooperation with company founders and rest of the team
  • Have a say in how things are done and be heard is appreciated


  • We at DataBreakers believe that everything in this world can be driven by data - retail, marketing, logistics, government - everything. We do our best to prove that to others and help companies to work with their data.​ the one too.
  • If this is something that resonates with you, send us an e-mail to or apply here on this page. Resumes are fine, but your own words describing what would you like to do and why with code samples are even better.

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We make the impossible happen quite often, but we also fail and learn. Not going to lie, it might not be for everybody.

Our energy will either draw you in and make you thrive, or kick you out. There is only one way to find out which one it is going to be.


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