We are your data sense

We are DataBreakers.

We need only your data and goals to bring quick results.

We improve how companies drive their business based on big data, AI and automation.

Increases revenue and significantly improves customer experience
in 23 countries


+ hundreds of millions in revenue
+ personalized predictive search engine


+ 21% e-shop turnover
+ 48% turnover from searches

Knihy Dobrovský

We trust our solutions so much that we are using a success fee model whenever possible.

There are a lot of things we can automate and improve.

Moreover, it takes just days to adapt our models to your data.

Your whole business

We can help you analyze, predict and optimize your business strategy based just on data you already have.


Digital ad campaigns

We’re able to find out what your audience loves and set up ads that spend your campaign budget effectively.


All your web content

We know how to generate personalized content for every user on your website, in real time.


You‘re getting a team that will help your business

We need one meeting to show you all the ways we can work with your data and bring you closer to reaching your goals.

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We are your data sense.