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CTR increased by 360%

Our client, Lagardere, had his CTR tripled thanks to optimalization by Promoter, the AI by DataBreakers.

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Also, the same client spent only 12% of the original cost for the same number of clicks.

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Computer beats human in Chess for the first time.


AI was able to learn to detect pictures of dogs.


AlphaGo beats Mr. Fan Hu at the strategy game Go.


Promoter beats a human marketer in Facebook Ads.


This AI brings it home

E-shop with beautiful household accessories

"As a main advantage of Promoter I find significant time saving for our marketing specialists. Promoter helps us with optimizing campaigns with focus on effectivity in terms of cost per actions. Promoter performed even better than expected and generated a great amount of high quality leads."

Michal Černocký

Performance Marketing Lead

leads brought

54 %
cheaper leads in target group all 25+

35 %
cheaper leads in group women 25+

A multinational media conglomerat

"I would highly recommend Promoter to any Publisher who struggles with content management on Facebook. There‘s nothing better than letting your people focus on things they do the best & let the Facebook data work for you."

Ondřej Musil

Product Designer

Up to 360%
higher CTR

Up to 8.2X
cheaper clicks (12% of original costs)

100 %
satisfied editors, who can now focus on creating better content.

Czech biggest eshop with music instruments

"We were a little skeptical when DataBreakers introduced us to Promoter. In next few weeks they proved that Promoter can deliver the ads to the right audience, drive great traffic to our websites and DataBreakers became a reliable partner. Now we use Promoter mainly for promoting the content posts on all our Facebook profiles (CZ, SK, PL, Frontman). It’s really smooth and effortless – we saved tons of time for promoting separated posts & it saves budget too, because it chooses to promote only the efficient content. We will use Promoter in further campaigns for sure."

Jan Horesovsky

Online marketer

57 %
cheaper clicks

21 %
better ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

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