Real-time AI powered personalization

Booster creates a fully personalized experience using self-learning artificial intelligence (AI), which dynamically generates displayed products and content in real time for every visitor to your page based on knowledge of their preferences, interests, and intentions.

Increase your revenue by 5-25%

Booster is both an expert salesman for your products and your customers’ best friend, who knows what they like and what mood they are in. Allowing users find what they are looking for more quickly and to discover new products they didn’t know about leads to bigger orders and a higher conversion rate while also ensuring that visitors get more enjoyment from your website.

Risk-free trial and no IT required

Sign up for a free trial and have Booster running within 14 days of our implementation with measurable results from transparent A/B testing within one month. There’s no need for you to expend time and resources – just give us your product feed, put one line of code into your website, and we’ll do the rest.

Booster works 24/7 and it is 100% automatic, using nothing but data to achieve your goals, whether this means increasing your turnover, optimizing your margins, or keeping your customers happy and ensuring that they come back again and again.

You can also implement your business decisions and short-term campaigns using Booster, such as boosting products and brands you want to promote or selling off products you want to get rid of.
Set it up with few clicks and Booster will make it happen, without any negative impact on your overall business.

Every place you show your products on your website, you can do it better with Booster.

Booster works across the board – from the first page load of an anonymous visitor to regular customers with a rich data history. It delivers maximum performance from all the information it knows about each visitor at any given time.

  • General

    Make your home page more interesting and actually create a useful hub for your customers.
    Or show tailor-made offers as support content on category link lists, blog posts, or before-and-after product lists and searches.

  • Context

    Booster automatically identifies alternatives or accessories for every product. This enables us to create relevant upsell and cross-sell offers on product details or in any basket-related position.

  • Product lists
    and categories

    Wherever you have a long list of products, Booster will make sure that every customer sees what is relevant to them on the first page.
    Nobody wants to scroll through dozens of pages of irrelevant products searching for something they might like.

  • Search with Booster

    Do not lose any customers simply because they can’t find what you have.
    The Booster search engine learns from user behavior and personalizes search results while conducting a linguistic analysis in more than 40 languages, handling diacritics, error corrections, and synonyms.

  • Any other position

    We can personalize any place where you show products, including any 1:1 channel such as mobile applications or emails.
    The entire page can be dynamically created by rearranging whole sections and selecting the right images and content for each visitor to make the conversion.

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Case studies

No IT capacities are required

We know that IT capacities are very precious. That’s why we’ve developed a unique technology with easy and fast setup that makes it happen.

  • I appreciate the simple implementation, which was handled completely by Databreakers.

    Petr Hulec


  • We appreciate the fact that the solution is nearly 100% automated and that minimum internal resources are needed.

    Tomáš Richter


  • To get Booster POC running we only provided product feed and everything was ready in 14 days for testing.

    Filip Černý

    Marketing Director

  • Implementation of whole website with 15 positions was very smooth without involvement of our IT.

    Adam Pýcha

    Marketing Director

  • 6 easy steps of implementation

    Contact us

    Business agreement

    Defines the scope of the pilot version and outlines business terms and conditions.

    A smooth user experience: Your users won't notice that the content on your page has been modified by our script and was not part of the original presentation.


    Technical input

    Put our script on your website and give us your feed. We begin gathering data for model learning.

    Super Fast: We use pure JavaScript, which has been optimized for speed with no external libraries. Its small size ensures that it will not slow your website down in any way.



    We integrate Booster into your website over the next one to two weeks. You don’t need to do anything.

    Safe: In the event of an error, nothing happens to your page and everything works as normal, just without any personalization.



    We will give you access to a test version, so you can test the integration yourself and verify that everything works as expected.



    Upon your approval, a pilot version is launched, measuring performance using A/B tests. Half of your users will start to see a personalized version of your web page with Booster; the other half will see the same page as before.
    You can view results in our analytics UI or data can be easily reported to external systems such as Google Analytics for you to validate results.
    Pilot testing usually lasts for one month.



    After the pilot evaluation, Booster is switched to production mode.
    Enjoy a 10-20% increase in turnover.

Personalization for the 21st Century

With the massive growth of online space, you can buy almost anything from anywhere, and the main reason that the customer would like to buy from you is their user experience with your website.

Booster elevates your website to the next level, creating a fully personalized experience. Every customer is unique, and your website should be too.

Why should
you choose us?

  • Increase revenue by 5-25%

    Proven by the independent measurement of our customers

  • Risk-free business model

    You pay a success fee only, which is taken from the extra revenue Booster generates

  • People love it

    Increase customer satisfaction and retention

  • Any industry

    Applicable to all businesses, company sizes, and languages

  • Free trial

    You get a free trial with a 30-day A/B test

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  • Ability to reflect your business goals

    Use Booster to increase margin, run campaigns, sell-out products and more

  • Data driven personalization

    No segmentation or simple methods; every user has their own unique experience

  • Fully automated

    No setup or maintenance needed; everything is learned automatically

  • Real-time learning

    Booster learns in real time from each and every visitor

  • Optimized with Artificial Intelligence

    Hundreds of algorithms and billions of setting combinations are optimized 24/7 to deliver the best experience to your customers

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  • Fast implementation

    Have Booster running within 14 days using our script without using your IT capacities

  • Your data is safe with us

    We do not share or combine your data with anyone

  • Reliable

    High availability systems with a guaranteed SLA, GDPR complient

  • Fast

    Response times in tens of milliseconds

  • API implementation

    We offer full API integration for maximum reliability and security

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Business model

Only pay for the extra revenue we bring you, as verified by bulletproof A/B tests. Alternatively, you can also choose a scalable fixed-fee model. (If your revenue is doubled, you don’t pay twice as much.)
With 5-25% extra revenue, Booster pays for itself from day one. How many tools can do that?

We know Booster really works. That’s why we can offer a success-fee business model.

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