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It Automatically Switches Your Products, Articles or Other Types of Posts to Boost CTR and Revenue

Personalization For the 21st Century

Booster brings e-shopers, publishers and marketers a self-learning AI that dynamically generates personalized content and ads for every user.

  • Cloud-based

    Everything run at our servers.

  • GDPR compliance

    We take care of privacy.

  • Success fee pricing

    You can’t lose with us.

  • Easy setup

    No tech knowledge needed.

  • All localization

    We work with all languages.

  • Any industry

    Books or electro - anything!


Increased order size

Higher conversion rate

+5-25% turnover


TESCOMA - Turnover Increased by 23% in Less Than 2 Months

9,6 % increase in revenue in first 14 days

11 % increase in conversion rate in first 14 days

“DataBreakers‘ results were pretty impressive according to few positions we‘ve allocated for them. After succesfull pilot, we‘re now preparing launch of new eshop where DataBreakers‘ recommendation engine will be fully implemented to maximize the benefits.“

Radim Rozenek

Head of Online Sales

+9% Revenue for METRO MAKRO Cash & Carry International

+9 -12%% increase in revenue

17,5% of total turnover comming from Personalization in value more than $2,500,000 monthly.

“I´m happy we hit the road to find a solution for our B2B customers together with Databreakers. Thanks to their flexibility, drive and willingness to seek customer-centric solutions, we were able to deliver tangible results within weeks. Very inspiring results despite the size of our corporation and our lengthy decision-making process!”

Jan Koutny

Head of E-commerce

Success fee pricing

Our solutions are self-confident in delivering results. Succes fees are nothing what we would be scared of. Most of our clients run 100% on a success fee.

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Websites like have turnover boosted by 5-25%* usually.

*A rough estimate based on data from our previous clients.

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