Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

As a frontend developer you’ll be responsible for information that everyone will see real-time. You‘ll be creating and improving UIs of our products that are used regularly by our customers like Makro / Alza / Mall / Škoda Auto / PPF / O2 and also for internal visualizations that enable us to analyze what‘s going on.

Our UIs aggregate data of milions of users from our external partners (Facebook, Google) and our own products - web/email/app content personalization - they customize same page to every single user. Millions of different pages are tailored to each user and marketing campaigns automation is transforming annoying ads to useful and effective web service.

In Databreakers you‘ll be using latest technologies and become a part of the team that is directly influencing tools and methods we use on daily basis. We are looking forward to hear your ideas and improvements, because we want to use the best technologies whatever we’re working on.

In Databreakers you will be using latest technologies and be part of the team which can influence what we use and why and we expect your thoughts and improvements, because we want to use best technologies for given job.



  • Senior approach, ability to independently solve high-level assignments and experience for at least 3 years.
  • Knowledge of Javascript and reactive frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js).
  • Experience of working with APIs (REST, GraphQL) in microservice architecture.
  • Writing sustainable production code, knowledge of design patterns.
  • Feel for UX design and graphics (you don’t need to be UX or graphic designer, but you should know basic principles at least).
  • Innovative approach and creativity – there‘s an endless space for cool solutions we can present.
  • Writing efficient frontend applications that works blazingly fast while displaying lots of data.
  • Working with Git and Docker.


  • Infrastructure
  • Everything runs in our private DCOS cloud.
  • Deploy/manage services with 2 clicks or one API call.
  • Databases
  • We use one of the fastest distributed SQL databases (the production cluster has over 3TB RAM and 200 computing cores).
  • NoSQL databases like Elasticsearch or influxDB.
  • Services
  • Distributed microservices architecture for scalability and sustainability.
  • Real-time services that perform 100 times more complex computations than other IT systems 10 times faster.
  • Services processing billions of interactions.
  • Programming languages ​​- Java, Python, PHP
  • Machine learning stack
  • Internal services that manage thousands of predictive models and select the best ones.
  • General AI optimization of structure and parameters of all other systems for their automatic maintenance and improvement.
  • General design of algorithms and methods enabling us to create new data driven products in a few months.
  • Frontend and visualization
  • Reactive frameworks (Angular / React / Vue.js).
  • Visualization of a large amount of information for our customers and our internal needs.

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