Our data driven products can do more than you can imagine.


It´s about action, not fancy dashboards.

We help you cut expenses.

90% time saving on managing your data

No fuss. Our applications are easy to set up

Just one click to start Promoter

Small or huge datasets, everything works

Millions of interactions or less - doesn't matter

Cloud based, no hardware needed.

Smart and robust infrastructure solution.

For sales, marketing, operations, social media

+25% revenue from e-commerce, saves 90% of social marketer's time

Safe and secure

Your data is treated like a treasure


Raises revenue between 8-22%

9% revenue raise and more than 17,5% turnover coming from recommendation METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry Czech & Slovak Republic

A global sales brand wholesaler raises revenue on their M-objednavka by 9% with our automated Recommender solution. After a pilot in Czech Republic we successfully launched the same solution in Slovakia. Revenue grew around 10%. We continue with further integration of data driven solutions into other areas of their business.

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Social Media
Saving 90% of time, Raises CTR by 360%

Promoter raises Lagardere Facebook promotion CTR by 360% and brings 8x cheaper clicks

A global leader in content publishing, production, broadcasting and distribution, needed to ease everyday work for its editors, who where struggling to create great Facebook content and manage ads at the same time.

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Decision making
Business decissions build on data

DataBreaker predicts what will happen, tells you why it will happen and what are the best actions for reaching your goals

From churn prediction, to what are you customers interested in, to what products and content you should make. Your data is a footprint of your whole business and in it, there is the answer to many questions you might have and even to some suprising ones that you never thought of.

Step into the future


You don't need plenty of data. We can do the magic with just a little.

1. Meeting and understanding View more

Let's meet up and get to know your day-to-day agenda and issues that DataBreaker's solutions call help you with.

2. Creating of solution View more

Choose Recommender, Promoter or let us design a tailored solution to address your exact business needs.

3. Implementation View more

DataBreaker downloads your data and the self-learning process may begin. He starts to model scenarios to predict your user's behavior and understand his preferences.

4. Pilot and testing View more

First we start a pilot for you to see what DataBreaker is capable of and to show the potential. Believe us, the preliminary results will blow your mind.

5. Let's run it for real View more

The pilot was a success? We knew it :-) Now it's time to embrace all the benefits that DataBreaker's solutions bring - more time, more money and decision-making based on real knowledge.

Notes for

You won´t be forced to buy new hardware or make vast changes to your systems. All we need is data. Our team of experts will assist you in implementing the few bits of code.

Don´t worry, what the board will say - in fact, they will be thrilled when they see your company´s ROI go through the roof. Go for a solution that uses true artificial intelligence and really makes a difference for your employees and shareholders.

Using DataBreaker won´t bring you more work, quite the opposite! You will see all the trends and insights in clear dashboards and all you have to do is show the great business results to your boss.


We price individually and we guarantee results.


While Promoter works with a % of your spend, our tailored solutions are priced individually. Expect a setup fee and let's discuss the rest.

100% success fee

Our solutions are self-confident in delivering results. Succes fees are nothing what we would be scared of. Most of our clients run 100% on a success fee.


You ask. We answer

How do you measure the success of your solution?

We always run our pilot like in a real-time AB test. We measure the client’s solution performance compared to our DataBreaker solution. In real-time and under the same conditions/time/traffic/marketing campaigns etc. Our UI is a real-time dashboard where the client can see the major metrics and deliverables of our system. We monitor and constantly develop our DataBreaker to deliver better results every day.

Is your solution applicable worldwide?

Our DataBreaker is a solution based on data and data speaks all languages. Therefore we can and we do deliver our solution to customers all over the world. We provide services which can be managed, delivered, monitored and upgraded via https. Our philosophy is to create and independent automated service that lets anyone grow at their own pace.

How much can you improve the overall performance?

Based on our successful implementations we’ve recorded a 5 – 25% raise in turnover in a month’s time. It depends on the industry and product mix, but we never had a client with turnover drop.

How do you provide support to your DataBreaker?

We build our solution to be 100% reliable – but in the internet world – everything is possible. Therefore we store all your data and we can replicate every situation. We run our infrastructure and solutions on HA services and we have the infrastructure built in such a way that there is always a fail over scenario. No need to worry.


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