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Youradio – personalized radio in your pocket

Data in the case:

6 830 artists

61 442 songs

160 280 users and their data

millions of played songs per month

377 years of music



The goal was to create a service that would act as your personal DJ, enabling you to enjoy music without endless skipping, tuning or trying to figure out what to play next. This is now possible not only due to music data which made DataBreaker’s artificial intelligence an expert DJ, but also because we analyzed each person individually taking into account each one‘s likes and dislikes, moods, time of day, device one‘s using and many more to bring everyone a real personalized music experience.


Fully personalized radio in everyone‘s pocket

37% decrease in skip rate in 3 months

50% increase in total usage rate

29% increase in number of songs played per one session

Client’s testimonial:

“I would highly recommend the DataBreakers team to cooperate with. They are very skillful and agile and they helped us to enhance the Youradio a lot.“

  – Ondřej Musil, Product Designer, Lagardere Active ČR, a.s.

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377 years of music on Lagardere Youradio

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377 years of music on Lagardere Youradio

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377 years of music on Lagardere Youradio

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377 years of music on Lagardere Youradio

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